Venkanto started back in 2006 as the Swedish sales agent for the Spanish cycling brand Etxeondo. However, it really took off during 2007, after a visit to the World Championships in triathlon in Hamburg, Germany. From the WC, we brought home 20 wetsuits from the professional triathlon brand Orca, and they immediately sold out at home in Sweden. Now, over ten years later, Venkanto are still the general agent for Orca in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Our 20 wetsuits have converted to more than 6 000 wetsuits sold in 2017.

Venkanto has cooperated with many brands in different product segments (such as Etxeondo, Chillaz, Solestar). Currently, Venkanto works 100% with Orca.

Our ambition is always to supply you with the highest quality gear, whether you’re a triathlete, swimrunner or cyclist. Venkanto makes it possible for you to face your storm.

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Our Dealers

We have dealers all over Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Which one is closest to you?