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With a set of videos and texts we will try to teach you as much as we can about wetsuits, gear and accessories when it comes to triathlon, swimrun and open water swimming. We will not forget about safety and we will make sure to include some other things you need to know.

Section 1: Venkanto Wetsuit School from 2019 – a video guide (in Swedish) where we talk through some basics, like using your wetsuit and swimming in open water.

Section 2: Wetsuit Guide – provides you with all you need to know when choosing your wetsuit – for Triathlon, Swimrun and Open Water.

Section 3: Orca Nordic Product Release 2020 – plenty of detailed and educating videos on our full product segment. Along with some interesting material like the a small speech from Orca CEO, Jon Coloma, and information about the Yamamoto Neoprene and the Orca Swim Scale.

Section 4: Orca Size Charts – all the size charts you need for our products.

Section 5: Wetsuit Technology – read everything about wetsuits.

All videos are also available on our Youtube Channel. You can find more tips & tricks on our Instagram: @venkanto.store, or on our Facebook page: Venkanto.

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Venkanto Wetsuit School

Our Wetsuit School from 2019 is divided in three episodes – How to put on your Wetsuit, Open Water Swimming Drills and Choice of Wetsuit.

The first video provides you with some invaluable tips on how to put on and use your wetsuit in the best way – both for performance/comfort and for giving your wetsuit the life it deserves.

The second video consists of a bunch of smart exercises and technique drills on how to swim in Open Water. Drills that also can be done in the pool, with or without wetsuit.

In the third video you get some short information about our triathlon wetsuit segment from 2019. Which is has changed slightly to 2020 (for instance: the Alpha zipper is longer).

Del 1: Påtagning

Del 2: Tekniktips

Del 3: Val av Våtdräkt

Wetsuit Guide: What’s the best Wetsuit for you?


Venkanto - Lära & Förbättra

What type of wetsuit that fits you best mainly depends on three things:

  • What type of swimming you are about to do
  • What type of swimmer you are
  • Your budget

We provide wetsuits in three different segments, see our Wetsuit Guides below:


Our largest segment of wetsuits goes back to where it all began – providing wetsuits for triathlon. This product segment consists of three different types of suits, and they come as high performance models, along with cheaper options. Our high end triathlon wetsuits are also the fastest when it comes to just swimming open water, both training and racing.

Have a look at our Orca Swim Scale (click to enlarge) and see what type of wetsuit that would suit you best.

  • Natural Swimmer: Alpha / Equip
  • Total Swimmer: Predator / Sonar
  • Progressive Swimmer: 3.8 / S7

Click here to find all our triathlon wetsuits.

Orca - Time to suitup

Natural Swimmer

Alpha – Not as much buoyancy as in other models which fits a swimmer with a naturally good water position. It is very light and extremely flexible. Allows a powerful leg kick. Reversed zipper in the back. Yamamoto #44 neoprene in the shoulders for maximum flexibility.

Equip – It still provides you with some extra buoyancy, and it is the perfect suit if you have a natural body position in the water. Also extra focus on maximum flexibility, like the Alpha, with 100% Yamamoto neoprene.

Total Swimmer

Predator – The suit that ticks all the boxes. Excellent buoyancy, almost as much as 3.8, thanks to Aerodome and Exolift. Very flexible over the shoulders thanks to the Yamamoto #44 panels and, like the Alpha, Yamamoto 0.88mm neoprene down at the arms for superiour feeling of the water. Nano SCS coating for as little hydrodynamic drag as possible. Our most top of the line suit, with a premium price.

Sonar – Also a very good buoyancy combined with flexibility, at a lower cost than the Predator. Buoyancy improved through the Aerodome neoprene concept, combined with a stabilised core with the CLS system. Flexibility in the shoulder is high thanks to perfect interplay between the nylon on the inside and the neoprene on the outside. Like all other wetsuits, 100% Yamamoto neoprene.

Progressive Swimmer

3.8 – Most buoyancy of all our models. Helps you lift your legs to the surface to reduce drag. Even if you are a fast swimmer to begin with – this can really help you improve your speed in the water. This is thanks to the Aerodome and Exocell systems. The 3.8 also has a very good flexibility thanks to Yamamoto #40 cell neoprene in the shoulders, and increased catch strength thanks to the HEP panel in the upper arms. A high end suit that fits a lot of people.

S7 – This suit also helps you to reduce drag by lifting your legs to the surface, providing you with excellent buoyancy. This entry model wetsuit comes with a lot of high end features, like 100% Yamamoto neoprene and a fast coating. It also got perfectly good flexibility in the shoulders. The S7 gives you a lot of wetsuit for a low cost.


Swimrun has grown a lot the last few years, and we understand why. It is a fantastic way of exploring and enjoying nature. Both in and out of the water.

That means the swimrun suit really have to be durable and versatile. At the same it needs to provide you with the best support, flexibility and speed in the water – while giving you enough ventilation and flexibility on the run.

Orca has been developing swimrun suits for years and our line up covers the needs of both the professionals and the beginners.

  • High performance & racing: RS1
  • Versatile & flexible: Perform
  • Durable entry model: Core (1-piece and 2-piece)

Click here to find all our swimrun wetsuits.

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The Swimrun RS1 is the best for the best. The lower part is lightweight which makes it easy to run fast. It is also possible to add extra buoyancy pads on the inside of the legs. The upper part is a type of half-vest, which provides maximum ventilation if needed. Easy to open up and pull down, as well as back up again. The shoulder area is made of the most flexible (and expensive) Yamamoto #44 neoprene. Zip pocket on the back. Removable sleeves. The Duraskin 2 on the lower part protects the suit from tearing while sliding down into the water.


The Perform suit is replacing the previous versions of the RS1. This suit is highly versatile: You can add up to four buoyancy pads per leg (inside and outside, front and back). Removable arm sleeves. Plenty of pockets, large ones on the front inside and one on the back with zipper. Also smaller pockets on the chest, for important smaller stuff. Yamamoto #39 neoprene on the shoulders for good flexibility. Duraskin on the lower part protects the suit from any obstacles you may encounter.


Entry model swimrun suit. Light and robust. 100% Yamamoto neoprene. Comes in both a 1-piece and a 2-piece version. The 1-piece has a faster coating and pockets for bouyancy pads. The design is in line with the RS1 and Perform.

Open Water

All Orca wetsuits are design for the waves and deeps of open water. But if you are looking for extra safety in terms of visibility and staying warm in cold waters – the Open Water wetsuits are for you.

  • Speed & versatility: RS1 (sleeveless and 2-piece)
  • Visibility & insulation: Core
  • Staying safe & warm: Neoprene Accessories

In this product segment we also have wetsuits for kids. So that they can stay warm and visible while swimming in open water.

Click here to find all our open water wetsuits.

Venkanto - Learn & Improve


The Openwater RS1 Sleeveless is the perfect combination of buoyancy and flexibility, providing the thermal insulation you need without compromising your natural position in the water. The sleeveless version of an Orca wetsuit.

It also comes in a 2-piece version, with full length upper and bottom parts. You can combine any sizes for a perfect fit, or just use one of them if you want. It makes the 2-piece system very versatile.


This entry level suit provides you with most visibility while swimming in open water, thanks to the bright orange colour. The 2-2,5mm thick 100% Yamamoto neoprene provides you with good insulation and buoyancy, as well as flexibility. Also a perfect choice for performance swimmers who wants more safety/visibility in open water and save their expensive wetsuit for racing.


Swimming in open water can mean increased need for safety and protection against the cold. Combining some neoprene gloves, socks and hat with your wetsuit can make your experience much warmer (and therefore longer). For increased visibility, a safety buoy should be mandatory while swimming in lakes and oceans.

Click here to find all our Orca accessories.


The 13th of February 2020, Venkanto held the annual Orca Nordic Product Release Evening for media and retailers. And some of it was recorded for you all to see (in swedish).

Susanna Dörlich on Venkanto kick things with off with introducing the opening speech by the Orca CEO, Jon Coloma, followed by some initial presentations of the Yamamoto Neoprene and the Orca Swimscale by the Venkanto CEO, Peter Dörlich.

After that we move on with the 2020 product line up, discussing the triathlon wetsuits from Natural Swimmer, Progressive Swimmer and Total Swimmer. Followed by Open Water Wetsuits, a new Triathlon Swimskin and wetsuits for Swimrun. We finish it all of with taking a closer look at our new clothing products for Triathlon, Swimming and Cycling.

Peter Dörlich is probably the one who knows most about Orca Wetsuits in the northern Europe, so just sit back and enjoy these videos.

Del 1: Jon Coloma / VD Orca

Del 2: Yamamoto Neopren

Del 3: Orca Swim Scale

Del 4: Natural Swimmer
Orca Equip & Alpha

Del 5: Progressive Swimmer
Orca S7 & 3.8

Del 6: Total Swimmer
Orca Sonar & Predator

Del 7: Open Water

Del 8: Triathlon Swimskin

Del 9: Swimrun Wetsuits

Del 10: Triathlon Clothing

Del 11: Swim Clothing & Gear

Del 12: Bike Clothing

Orca Size Charts

In order to get the most out of your experience with our products, the size you choose is very important. Our Orca Size Charts are here to help you out.

Venkanto - Learn & Improve

Venkanto - Learn & Improve

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