Orca Size Charts


Thanks to the high elasticity of the materials, the more flexible wetsuits adapt better to the swimmer’s body than those with less elasticity. Therefore, if you’re choosing a wetsuit with less flexibility, you should select a size that fits well to your body.

At Orca we always recommend trying the wetsuit on to make sure that the fit feels right. However, if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you at [email protected].


When selecting your ideal wetsuit size, three measurements should be taken into account: chest circumference, height and weight. When in doubt, we recommend choosing the size that best fits your chest circumference, since it is important that the wetsuit is well fitted in this area.

*For children’s sizing, the measurements we will look at are the chest circumference, waist, hips and height. When in doubt, go by the chest circumference in this case as well.



Top part

To determine your ideal sizing for a two-piece wetsuit, four measurements should be taken into account: chest circumference, waist, height and weight.

The chest circumference, height and weight help to figure out which size top will fit best. When in doubt, the chest circumference should be the most closely fitted.

Bottom part

To choose wetsuit bottoms, you should take into account your waist measurement, height and weight. In this case, your waist is the most important measurement.


When selecting your size, your chest, waist and hip measurements should be referenced. Don’t forget that each range is different and has a different elasticity, compression and pattern. To ensure a better fit, Orca has developed its own sizechart for garments in each range.



To select your ideal size for Orca accessories, you should take into account your chest, waist and hip measurements.

It is important to go by your usual shoe size when selecting the size of Hydro Booties or Swim Socks that best suits you.

To select the perfect size of Aero Shoes, use your normal shoe size.


The size of the Swimrun Arm Sleeve will depend on the measurement of the biceps, which can be taken by measuring this area of the arm as shown in the image.


To choose the size of your Swimrun Calf Guard, measure the widest part of your calf, as seen in the picture.


To select a hat size, measure the circumference and length of your head according to the following image. Your head circumference is measured just above the eyebrows, while your head length is measured from one finger above the eyebrows to the nape of your neck.

Storleksguide – Handskar & Fenor


To select your size in neoprene gloves, measure your hand, as shown the next image.

To choose your correct fin size, go by your shoe size.