Swimrun is an exciting sport that Orca have watched grow tremendously over the past few years since its inception in the Nordics. Such a unique sport requires unique wetsuits and gear. Venkanto offers a wide selection of Swimrun apparel from Orca. In this category we feature the items that will keep you warm when Swimrunning, ranging from insulating neoprene base layers to comfortable swim hats.



OUT OF STOCKOrca Heatseeker VestOrca Heatseeker Vest
OUT OF STOCKOrca Unisex Base LayerOrca Unisex Base Layer
OUT OF STOCKOrca Hi-Vis Neoprene SwimcapOrca Hi-Vis Neoprene Swimcap
OUT OF STOCKOrca Hydro Booties
OUT OF STOCKOrca Neoprene Shorts 2020Orca Neoprene Shorts 2020
OUT OF STOCKOrca Openwater Swim GlovesOrca Openwater Swim Gloves
OUT OF STOCKOrca Swim HatOrca Swim Hat

Orca Swim Hat

OUT OF STOCKOrca Swim SocksOrca Swim Socks
OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Swimrun Neoprene TopOrca Swimrun Neoprene Top

Orca Swimrun Neoprene Top

OUT OF STOCKOrca Thermal Head CoverOrca Thermal Head Cover
OUT OF STOCKOrca Thermal Neoprene SwimcapOrca Thermal Neoprene Swimcap

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