Not all swimmers are alike, so within our range Venkanto offers wetsuits to suit every swim style and budget so that every athlete’s individual needs can be met. Orca remains as always, by triathletes, for triathletes. In this category we have collected all the essential Orca triathlon wetsuits and accessories, ranging from the Orca S7 to the Orca Predator.

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Predator Women’s WetsuitOrca Predator Women’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Alpha Men’s WetsuitOrca Alpha Men’s Wetsuit

Orca Alpha Men’s Wetsuit

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca 3.8 Men’s WetsuitOrca 3.8 Men’s Wetsuit

Orca 3.8 Men’s Wetsuit

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Sonar Women’s WetsuitOrca Sonar Women’s Wetsuit

Orca Sonar Women’s Wetsuit

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca S7 Women’s WetsuitOrca S7 Women’s Wetsuit

Orca S7 Women’s Wetsuit

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca S7 Men’s WetsuitOrca S7 Men’s Wetsuit

Orca S7 Men’s Wetsuit

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca 226 Men’s SwimskinOrca 226 Men’s Swimskin

Orca 226 Men’s Swimskin

OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca 226 Women’s SwimskinOrca 226 Women’s Swimskin

Orca 226 Women’s Swimskin


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