M Swimrun Core 2019 Våtdräkt

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Vi gör plats för 2020 års produkter – köp Orca Swimrun CORE 2019 till kanonpris! Löstagbara ärmar medföljer.

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Denna instegsmodell från Orca erbjuder fantastisk rörlighet både på land och i vattnet för sitt pris.

Core har flera smarta features som gör den unik i sin prisklass.
De avtagbara armarna kan bäras under kallare förhållanden
samtidigt som de med fördel lämnas hemma under varmare förhållanden.

Swimrun Core is a suit designed specifically for swimrun competitions, adapting to the needs of both running and swimming races. The added plus of buoyancy in the lower trunk keeps your legs on the surface while swimming, without limiting your freedom of movement when running.


Two removable 2mm neoprene arm sleeves make this suit extremely versatile: sleeves can be removed during the run and put back on for extra buoyancy during the swim.


Its outer side pocket lets you store the obligatory GPS or any nutrition you need.


The Swimrun Core comes with a mandatory whistle for swimrun races, so it doesn’t get in your way during the competition and can easily be used in an emergency.


Extended front zip makes it easier to get the suit on and off. It also provides ventilation while you run.

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