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The Mesh Backpack is the perfect way to carry your training gear. The waterproof back and bottom keeps your back dry when carrying wet gear. Small holes at the base allow your wet gear to properly drain, for greater breathability and eliminating bad odours. Includes a side pocket to store a water bottle, with another waterproof zippered pocket, where you can safely store your belongings or valuables, keeping them dry. A superb backpack to take with you on-the-go.


100% Polyester.


18L Measurements: 29 cm x 14 cm x 45 cm.


Large 18L waterproof storage compartment with ventilating mesh panel and 3 eyelet drainage holes at the base. Adjustable straps fit perfectly to your back, making this bag comfortable and versatile to carry.


The handy zippered internal pocket protects your valuables by keeping them separate from any wet swimming gear. It also features a side pocket for your water bottle.

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