Orca Openwater Core Hi-Vis Men’s Wetsuit


The New Openwater Breaststrocke is specifically designed for swimming and training in open water as safely as possible. It provides maximum visibility thanks to its orange panels. It also provides the thermal insulation needed to maintain an ideal body temperature. The use of 2 to 2.5 mm thick Yamamoto neoprene provides great freedom of movement for longer, more comfortable swimming.

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High Visibility
To keep you as safe as possible in the water, this wetsuit has been designed with a high-visibility orange that will make you visible to boats and other swimmers, so you can be located at any time.

For more flexibility in all phases of the swim stroke, Yamamoto 39 neoprene is used together with 2 mm Infinityskin high-end lining. This material has high elasticity that allows it to be used in different areas of mid-range wetsuits. This material requires between 45% and 35% less force to stretch than conventional neoprene.

The 2.5 mm Yamamoto 38 material is used in the torso and legs. This technology provides good thermal insulation and a good fit to the swimmer’s body, preventing the neoprene from separating from the skin and water flowing into the suit.


Orcas Openwater Core Breaststroke-våddragt er særligt udviklet til svømning og træning i åbent vand. Giver maksimal synlighed og dermed større sikkerhed. Giver dig den varme, du skal bruge for at holde din ideelle kropstemperatur.


Orca Openwater Core Breaststroke -märkäpuku on suunniteltu erityisesti uintiin ja harjoitteluun avovedessä. Se erottuu hyvin, mikä tekee uimisesta turvallisempaa. Lisäksi märkäpuvun eristävyys varmistaa ihanteellisen kehon lämpötilan.




We are one of the few shops in Sweden that offers repair of Orca wetsuits. If you buy a new wetsuit from us at Venkanto, we will repair the wetsuit FREE of charge in the case of any damage to the product.



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