Orca Openwater Core TRN Men’s Wetsuit


The Openwater Core TRN is the perfect wetsuit for swimmers who are just starting out in open water. This wetsuit features high flexibility and neutral buoyancy. The high flexibility in the shoulders makes your first workouts in open water wonderfully comfortable, while the buoyancy will keep you feeling secure.

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For more flexibility in all phases of the swim stroke, Yamamoto 39 neoprene is used together with 2 mm Infinityskin high-end lining. This material is high elasticity that allows it to be used in different areas of mid-range wetsuits. This material requires between 45% and 35% less force to stretch than conventional neoprene.

Thermal insulation and buoyancy
The Yamamoto 39 technology is also in the torso to ensure sufficient thermal insulation for workouts. Its 3 mm thickness ensures 77% more protection than if you did not wear a wetsuit. This material also gives the Freestyle wetsuit an ideal neutral buoyancy for a secure feel.

Zero Chafing
The lining in the neck area reduces friction and the likelihood of chafing. The material is soft to the touch and better for contact with the skin.



Orcas Openwater TRN Freestyle-våddragt er det ideelle valg til personer, der skal til at tage de første svømmetag ude i det åbne vand. Denne våddragt tilbyder et miks af opdrift og fleksibilitet, som vil få dig til at føle dig komfortabel og sikker under dine første sessioner i vandet.


Orca Openwater TRN Freestyle -märkäpuku on loistava valinta uimarille, joka vasta aloittelee avovesiuintiharrastusta. Tässä märkäpuvussa yhdistyvät kelluttavuus ja joustavuus, minkä ansiosta harjoittelu sujuu mukavasti ja turvallisesti heti alusta alkaen.




We are one of the few shops in Sweden that offers repair of Orca wetsuits. If you buy a new wetsuit from us at Venkanto, we will repair the wetsuit FREE of charge in the case of any damage to the product.



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