Orca OW RS1 Thermal Women’s Wetsuit


The Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit is the wetsuit that provides the most thermal protection of the Orca range. It features a specially developed inner lining to maximize heat retention for open water swimming. It also has a second layer of “batwing” neoprene that provides more insulation down the zipper and neck areas, minimizing the inflow of cold water.

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Extra Warmth
In the torso, Yamamoto 39 technology which is up to 5mm thick provides maximum thermal insulation where it is needed most, without affecting the positioning of the swimmer or restricting movement. This material provides 85% more insulation compared to not wearing a wetsuit. The Thermal X high-performance inner lining retains heat more efficiently than our standard linings. It is also comfortable and soft to the touch.

Yamamoto 40
Yamamoto 40 is used in the shoulders and back together with the Infinityskin lining. This material can stretch by up to 130%, more than double its original size, providing maximum performance in your swim stroke. For the wide range of movements that occur in the shoulders, it offers 72% less resistance than a conventional wetsuit.

“Batwing” Construction
To avoid heat loss in the back through the zipper, this model features a “Batwing” construction consisting of a second layer of neoprene. This layer prevents water from seeping through the zipper and coming into direct contact with the body, keeping a layer of warm water inside. It also guarantees a comfortable snug fit in the neck, reducing friction and water entry from the neck area into the suit.



Openwater RS1 Thermal er den våddragt i Orcas sortiment, der tilbyder den største grad af termisk beskyttelse. Den indeholder en specialudviklet inderforing for at holde mest muligt på varmen ved svømning i åbent vand.

Den har også et ekstra lag neopren, der giver mere isolering i området ved lynlåsen og nakken og forstærker dermed de udsatte områder ved svømning i koldt vand.


Openwater RS1 Thermal -märkäpuku on kaikkein lämmöneristävin märkäpukumallimme. Sen sisävuori on kehitetty erityisesti eristämään lämpöä avovesiuinnissa.

Lisäksi siinä on lisäkerros neopreenia, joka tarjoaa parempaa lämmöneristystä vetoketjun ja kaulan alueella. Kun märkäpuvun heikot kohdat on vahvistettu, se sopii paremmin uimiseen myös kylmässä vedessä.




We are one of the few shops in Sweden that offers repair of Orca wetsuits. If you buy a new wetsuit from us at Venkanto, we will repair the wetsuit FREE of charge in the case of any damage to the product.



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