W Sonar Våtdräkt

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Orca Sonar is a well-balanced triathlon wetsuit for natural swimmers – combining buoyancy and flexibility.

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As the most versatile triathlon wetsuit in the range, the Orca Sonar is suited to the technical capabilities and needs of much of the triathlete community.

Designed for the Total Swimmer, it combines buoyancy and flexibility in order to achieve a correct position in the water,

improving your hydrodynamics.

The Sonar gives you the confidence you need to push a little further.


Maximum Buoyancy

With the Sonar you get 30% more buoyancy and it will help you maintain a horizontal and elevated position for longer thanks to the Aerodome technology in the men’s model – and the targeted buoyancy (adapted to the shape of a woman’s body) in the women’s version.

Maximum Support

CLS technology supports your abdomen, preventing twisting, and when combined with Aerodome, it will help you maintain correct positioning in your lower body.

Longer Strokes

Thanks to the 1.5 mm Yamamoto 39 panels and inner Super Stretch lining, you will notice an increase in your stroke distance.


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