Our athletes

Over the years, we have had the honor of collaborating with some of the world’s best triathletes and swimrunners. These are people who have challenged the impossible and thus created history. Below, we have collected some of our fantastic athletes, in order to highlight their fantastic achievements.

Tilda Månsson

Tilda Månsson (@tilda_mansson on Instagram) took home the gold in the Junior World Triathlon Championship 2022. Not only that, but just a few weeks later she won both the Junior European cup Riga and her first World Cup win in Bergen. We are so proud to collaborate with Tilda and such an amazing athlete!

Jenny Nae

Jenny Nae (@jenny.nae on Instagram) became a bronze medalist in the European Championship long distance in the 3.02 marathon in September 2022. An experienced athlete to say the least with many races under her belt, and a very lucky one for us at Venkanto to be working with her! Jenny you are awesome!

Mikkel Kæmsgaard

Mikkel Kæmsgaard (@mikkelkaemsgaard on Instagram) is another athlete who has a lot of experience when it comes to Triathlon. Having competed nine times, he has come 39th in the Iron World Championship StG in his record time of 9:21:39. An amazing person with amazing commitment, keep it up!

Jari Tammi

Jari Tammi (@swim_trek on Instagram) is an incredible person who likes to swim distances that many would not even think of. In an interview with him, he said “you can only regret what you haven’t done”. Today he is 63 years old but moves as if he were 30. We are so happy to have you Jari!

Ulrika Eriksson

Ulrika Eriksson (@triullis on Instagram) is an Orca athlete who in September 2022 broke the world record in the Swimrun at Utö, Ö to Ö. We who work at Venkanto were lucky enough to get an interview with the star athlete. We wish Ulrika all the best in the future and another big congratulations on the victory!