Wetsuit Care

With the help of videos and descriptions, we will try to teach as much as we can about wetsuits and accessories when it comes to triathlon, swimrun and open water swimming. We’ll also include security and we’ll be sure to include some other things you need to know. All videos are also available on our Youtube channel. You can find more tips & tricks on our Instagram and Facebook.

Venkanto Wetsuit School

Our 2019 Wetsuit School is divided into three sections – How to put on your wetsuit, open water exercises and wetsuit selection.

The first video gives you some invaluable tips on how to put on and take off your wetsuit in the best way – both for performance/comfort and to keep your wetsuit in top condition.

The second video contains a collection of good exercises and technique drills for open water swimming. The exercises can also be done in the pool, with or without a wetsuit.

In the third section you will get some brief information about our triathlon segment from 2019. Orca has since changed all the suits in their triathlon segment, but the functionality is still the same.

Put on a wetsuit

Tips on how to easily and safely put on your wetsuit, to avoid chafing or ruining the suit.

Openwater Technique Tips

Elite triathlete Oskar Djärv shows some smart tips & tricks for swimming with a wetsuit in Open Water.

Choice of Wetsuit

Choosing the right triathlon wetsuit is not simple. In this video, Oskar goes through what you should consider when choosing a wetsuit.