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Orca Dealers

Venkanto is the general agent for Orca in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Find your nearest dealer here.
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Orca Product Strategy

Watch the Orca Product Strategy for 2016.

Triathlon Store

We at Venkanto also run our own retailers -, visit the online store or one of our dealers to shop.

Orca wetsuits – Orca is Triathlon

A wetsuit isn’t just to keep you warm in open water. It can be your tool and ally for swimming better and faster. It is important to select your wetsuit according to your swim skills and goals. Do you need greater buoyancy support, or improved flexibility? Are you going to be battling it out in open water or priming yourself in a pool (or both)? Are you looking for a premium race suit, or a reliable training companion? Each of your wetsuits is a different instrument to make you faster… the fastest.

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Triathlon Clothes