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Venkanto is the proud distributor of Orca Wetsuits
and Accessories, in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Swimrun Wetsuits

OUT OF STOCKOrca Swimrun Core 2020 Men’s WetsuitOrca Swimrun Core 2020 Men’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Swimrun Calf GuardsOrca Swimrun Calf Guards

Orca Swimrun Calf Guards

60.00 30.00
OUT OF STOCKOrca Swimrun Neoprene TopOrca Swimrun Neoprene Top
OUT OF STOCKOrca Swimrun Core 2020 Women’s WetsuitOrca Swimrun Core 2020 Women’s Wetsuit

Triathlon Wetsuits

OUT OF STOCKOrca Alpha Men’s WetsuitOrca Alpha Men’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKOrca Predator Women’s WetsuitOrca Predator Women’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKOrca Sonar Men’s WetsuitOrca Sonar Men’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKOrca Equip Men’s WetsuitOrca Equip Men’s Wetsuit

Open Water Wetsuits

OUT OF STOCKOrca Unisex Base LayerOrca Unisex Base Layer
OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Openwater Breaststroke Women’s WetsuitOrca Openwater Breaststroke Women’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKSaleOrca Openwater Freestyle Women’s WetsuitOrca Openwater Freestyle Women’s Wetsuit
OUT OF STOCKOrca Neoprene Shorts 2020Orca Neoprene Shorts 2020


OUT OF STOCKSaleSolestar Kontrol

Solestar Kontrol

120.00 25.00
SaleOrca S7 Men’s MTOrca S7 Men’s MT

Orca S7 Men’s MT

280.00 99.00
OUT OF STOCKSaleMilo Mouro, Shell Jacket (Men)
SaleGelrilla Grip Pro Elite Gel Holder


Orca Race Belt Zip Pocket
OUT OF STOCKTraining Mesh Bag
Orca Reflective Casual Cap Silver
Orca Training BagOrca Training Bag